Dancing, Sailing and Exploring

Blue Water Swing

Image by The White Dot

Combining our passions

During the last summers we sailed our catamaran all the way from Germany to the beautiful islands of Greece. We often had friends and families on board to accompany us along the way. It is always great to see how being on the water makes so many different people happy in a similar way. Cause we always had passionate swing dancers on board, it was usual for us to organize wonderful dance events and social evenings in various cities and on beautiful beaches.
Now the times has come to open our doors to you 🙂

Be part of this amazing experience!
No sailing experience needed.

Images by Lena Leuschner

Dancing with Us in Greece

We are inviting you to the facinating islands called Northern Sporades! You will be part of a cheerful and motivated group of 10 lindy hop dancers in one of the most beautiful parts of Greece. And the best thing: we live and travel on a big catamaran! One trip contains 3 intense swing and lindy workshops which will be held in different unique venues. Of course we are dancing wherever we sail to so be prepared for some awesome social dances in the evenings!

Upcoming EVENTs

During July 2021 you have the chance to join us on board again. One trip includes 7 days of island hopping, swing/lindy classes, living on a sailing boat and exploring the unique nature! 


Price incl. dance workshops, food, accommodation, and more..