What to expect

Our Values

We want to honour and respect not only you, keeping you safe with us on board; the land and the waters where we will sail; but also the Culture we are engaging with. During our trips four core values are most important for us:

During the week of sailing, dancing and exploring we will insure you to have the most amazing experiences while being safe on board with us. While we visit many beautiful places we want to respect them and keep them as clean and untouched as possible, at the same time we treat each other with respect. We will have history and community talks, discussing how we engage in the Jazz dance culture, movie nights with documentaries and lectures on themes such as the Traditions of African American Culture, how to engage in the dance community respecting the core values of such Culture and the life of musicians and dancers that helped shape the dance we do today. Last but not least we want you to have a flexible time where it’s totally fine to skip lunch and go diving or exploring the islands if that’s what you need!

Image by Lena Leuschner

Our Teachers

We are stoked to announce that Elle Brenecki &  will be our teachers during BlueWaterSwing 2023!


Elle Brenecki

From a young age Elle was already exploring various dance styles from Modern Jazz to Ukrainian Folk Dance. However, when she stumbled upon Lindy Hop in her hometown of Adelaide, Australia, there was no turning back. Committed to fostering individual expression and improvisation in both Lindy Hop and Solo dance, Elle empowers her students to embrace their unique qualities through movement. Her greatest source of inspiration is the conversational nature of jazz and she continuously strives to deepen her connection to the African American roots of the dance and the music.

Your Crew

Hey, my name is Linus and as the founder and captain of BlueWaterSwing I will be with you during the week of sailing and Swing dancing. I dance lindy hop and swing since my time in university and I absolutely fell in love with it! The atmosphere and vibe during social dances are one of my all time favorite moments. Since I learned sailing at a young age and spent all my summers on the water I could not resist and combine those passions with each other. I am certified with all necessary licenses and experience (7000+ nautical miles) to sail you through your holiday as save as possible. Its my priority to make this week a very special one for you! 🙂

I look forward to hear from you and hopefully dance together this summer!

The Boat

Our 13m catamaran offers space for a maximum of 12 sleeping guests. To have a pleasant time and enough space we spend our week of dancing sailing and exploring with 10 people on board.

You and your dancing partner will have a simple but cozy private double bedroom with enough space to store your belongings and have a good sleep.

We have two separate bathrooms on the catamaran so you only need to share one bathroom with another dancing couple.

You will have the option to take a shower on land but not on the boat. But since we will be in the water a lot anyway you will definitely not miss a daily shower!

If you have more questions check out our FAQ page or contact us via email.